Audiology is the study of hearing, hearing disorders, and assisting individuals who have hearing loss.

Audiologists are healthcare professionals who identify hearing loss, fit and manage hearing aids and other assistive technology and provide support and guidance to individuals with hearing loss, their families and wh?nau.

The Audiologists working at Counties-Manukau Health are:

  • Nelson Balisa, MNZAS
  • Nitasha Chand-Prasad, MNZAS
  • Louise Dickinson, MNZAS
  • Iris Shin, MNZAS
  • Diana Tu’inukuafe, MNZAS
  • Alexander Grant, MNZAS
  • Alicia Tay, MNZAS
  • Michelle Pokorny, MNZAS
  • Lisa Burr, MNZAS
  • Kerrie Hamilton, MNZAS


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