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Waste not, want not

Posted by CEO Blog on 17 November 2015 |

As one of the largest employers in South Auckland, we have a corporate responsibility to care for our environment at the same time as we care for our community. What is really heartening is that by working together in small but meaningful ways, we are making great progress, particularly when it comes to reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

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Supporting the Pacific …. with CM Health’s help

Posted by Geraint Martin on 4 June 2015 |

Counties Manukau Health has had the privilege of working with countries in the wider Pacific Region since 2002. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) funds CM Health to provide services to a number of Pacific countries, and since our first Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Cook Islands in 2002, Samoa, Niue, Fiji and Kiribati have now joined.

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Geraint Martin

We can’t have healthy people on a sick planet – doing our bit for the environment

Posted by Geraint Martin on 27 November 2014 |

I’ve worked in the health system for many years and for a period of time environmental sustainability wasn’t foremost in my mind. What I’ve come to understand, during my time as CEO, is the impact the healthcare sector has on our environment. I’m also more aware that the amount of waste, energy, water, medical gas and even our food system is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. So what is a Greenhouse Gas (GHG)? While not a simple question to answer a greenhouse gas refers to the gasses in the atmosphere that trap heat. While we need a certain amount of greenhouse gases to keep our planet from freezing over, too much can lead to global warming.

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debbie wilson 426

It’s not sexy but it’s important

Posted by Debbie Wilson, Sustainability Officer on 25 September 2014 |

I’m a committed greenie, I mean it’s my job, but it’s also something I’m committed to in my personal life. A core part of our sustainability programme, Practising Sustainable Healthcare, is managing waste by either reducing it (ultimate aim), recycling or, better still, upcycling i.e. giving waste a second life.Debbie Wilson

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Geraint Martin

Taking stock

Posted by Geraint Martin on 18 July 2014 |

As we approach the end of the financial year, it’s important to look back on the past 12 months and reflect on how far we have come as an organisation. It’s been a busy and challenging year and despite the growing demands on our time, resources and services we continue to be a high performing organisation. This is backed up by the fact that we continue to see over 95% of our patients within 6 hours in Emergency Care and have treated 13% more elective patients than last year. This is a testament to the hard work and amazing effort by everyone involved.

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campbell brebner 426

The Times They Are A-Changin’

Posted by Dr Campbell Brebner, Chief Medical Advisor – Primary & Integrated Care on 18 June 2014 |

I have been working in healthcare for over 30 years and during that time I have seen the demand for health services grow, the health system become more fragmented and complex, and an increased focus on specialised care. These challenges are being felt across our entire health sector.

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gill cossey 426

Our Journey to Opening the Harley Gray Building

Posted by Gill Cossey, General Manager Surgical and Ambulatory Care on 7 May 2014 |

A significant milestone for Counties Manukau Health occurred on 11 April 2014 when the Minister of Health, the Honourable Tony Ryall, officially opened the new Harley Gray Building at Middlemore Hospital. For me it was an especially poignant moment as it marked the end of a journey which started when I was tasked with writing the Business Case to the Ministry of Health justifying our request for funding this magnificent building.

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Geraint Martin

Thinking About Three Decades in Health

Posted by Geraint Martin on 26 March 2014 |

One of the most insightful quotes I’ve ever come across is from the Danish philosopher Kierkegaard, who said that whilst life must be lived forwards, it can only be understood backwards. This quote was at the front of my mind recently when I realised, while stuck in a traffic jam, that I’ve just passed my 30th anniversary working in healthcare.

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Geraint Martin

Becoming Greener – One Step at a Time

Posted by Geraint Martin on 20 February 2014 |

Just before Christmas last year, I was given one of the desk top cubes that are being rolled out across the organisation. I started using this small green cube in my office for non-recyclable rubbish, and larger communal bins for my non-confidential paper and mixed recycling. Before long, I became very aware of just what I throw out in a day, and not just at work! At home, I’ve been thinking more about the waste my family creates and how we can make more environmentally friendly decisions, like choosing to recycle where possible. My wife and I have even competed in an electronics store to see who could find the most energy efficient appliance to buy. And all of this is thanks to the simple introduction of a small plastic cube to my office.

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Geraint Martin

Farewell from Prof Gregor Coster, CMDHB Chair (outgoing)

Posted by Geraint Martin on 9 December 2013 |

I’m writing this blog on the departure of the current board, to say a few words on behalf of the board and myself, and to thank you, our staff, for the valuable contributions that you make.

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