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Smoking threatens Kidz First children

Posted by Communications Team on 10 March 2016 | - Breathing in secondhand cigarette smoke could be fatal for little Atelaite Vaikeli.

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Rapper Parris Goebel says stop it!

Posted by Communication Team on 23 February 2016 |

Manukau Courier - The Manukau Courier has joined forces with Counties Manukau Health to try to get visitors and patients to stop smoking outside Middlemore Hospital and the Manukau SuperClinic.

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New Zealand’s first stop smoking campaign using Snap Chat

Posted by Communications Team on 15 December 2015 |

Snapped Out is an interactive stop smoking campaign that asks people to stop, think and create artwork about the impact of smoking in their community. Focussed on youth in South Auckland, the campaign is based on a Snapchat and Facebook platform that encourages followers to stop smoking by creating digital artwork using Snapchat tools. 

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Latest health target results for Counties Manukau

Posted by Communications Team on 26 August 2015 |

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says the latest quarterly health targets results show Counties Manukau DHB is making good progress.

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smokefree day2015

World Smokefree Day 31 May

Posted by Lena Crawford on 26 May 2015 |

31 May is World Smokefree Day…

This week is a great week to give up smoking and the Counties Manukau Smokefree team are here to help.

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benedict 426

Pushing the accelerator on integrated care

Posted by Benedict and Geraint on 18 May 2015 |

We are entering a new era in healthcare – one where we re-orientate our health system around primary and community care. With a growing and ageing population and a rise in chronic and long-term conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, we have a challenge on our hands to integrate services and systems across the health spectrum and empower our healthcare users to keep themselves well and at home – away from unnecessary trips to hospital.

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Geraint Martin

Give yourself a pay rise!

Posted by Geraint Martin on 23 September 2014 |

Last week the children from the crèche and Kidz First helped me roll the big red Stoptober ball through Middlemore Hospital. Truth be told the kids actually took the ball off me – who was I to argue! The event was in support of Stoptober – a national campaign, which aims to get smokers to give up the cigarettes for an entire month, starting 1st October.

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piri weepu with the stop ball 426

Is it time to quit? The story about how I quit smoking

Posted by Karyn Lyon, Team Administrator, Te Rawhiti Community Mental Health Centre on 17 September 2014 |

Next month is Stoptober. Stop-what? Before you dismiss it because it seems like every month has a cause attached to it these days, I’d like you to give me a few more minutes of your time.

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margie apa

Keeping Strategy Real

Posted by Margie Apa, Director - Strategic Development on 11 April 2014 |

Recently walking into Middlemore Hospital, I passed a patient at the station entrance who was smoking. I have done this a few times and every time I do, I think to myself “I should really say something, don’t they know the harm?… They’re smoking right in front of the sign… She’s so young and pregnant!… He’s looks so unwell. And scary… Everyone else is walking past… Oh well, too late I’m in the building.”

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Geraint Martin

The Week That Was

Posted by Geraint Martin on 26 February 2014 |

One of the most fascinating things about working in healthcare is that no two days are the same. As you come to work each day, you never quite know what’s going to be thrown at you. Never was this truer than last week, which brought with it some big challenges alongside some really fantastic achievements.

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