Counties Manukau Health is well on its way to achieving their ambition to be the best healthcare system in Australasia.  It is exciting and challenging despite the growing demands on our time, resources and services, 

CM Health continues to be a leading DHB nationally and actively contribute towards national sector of improvements together with our regional DHB partners.

CM Health is incredibly proud of the work that has been done, and is continuing to be done, through a variety of improvement work and innovation taking place across the health sector to ensure better care for our patients and families.

Primary Care Information

Primary Care Information is an initiative that will strengthen our healthcare system through a more local and integrated patient experience. Due to our growing, aging and changing demographic, hospital demand is growing at a rapid rate. As more hospital admissions occur due to preventable causes, we need to examine what could be improved in how we deliver our services.

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Patient and Whaanau Centred Care
Patient and whaanau centred care means working with patients and their family/whaanau to co-design their care, our facilities and our strategies. Being a patient and whaanau centred organisation requires commitment to transform our culture so that working within a partnership model becomes a ‘way of life’. 

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Serious and adverse events

The Serious and Adverse Events Reports signal that Counties Manukau Health has a healthy reporting culture.  As part of the CM Health's commitment to providing safer care for patients, we have a process in place for reviewing serious adverse events that occure in our organisation.

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Environment Sustainability

Counties Manukau Health's Middlemore Hospital and Manukau Health Park (Manukau SuperClinic and Surgery) are CEMARS certified.


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Planning documents

Publications published by Counties Manukau Health including Annual Reports, Annual Plans and Quality Accounts.


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Health status documents

These resources describe and quatify the health status of the people of Counties Manukau.  It includes documents produced by Counties Manukau District Health Board (CMDHB), and selected links to directly relevant reports by other agencies.

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Future of Manukau Land

Counties Manukau Health is considering how best to maximise its current assets while planning to achieve and deliver the objectives and goals of CM Health Healthy Together Strategic Plan.

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Health targets

Health targets are a set of national performance measures specifically designed to improve the performance of health services that reflect significant public and government priorities.

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