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How to lose your appetite, 90 per cent of your stomach and 80kg

Posted by Communications Team on 15 February 2016 | - Between the gobsmacking "before" and the barely-less gobsmacking "after", Nat How, a 30-year-old truckdriver of Otara, Auckland, lost his appetite and 90% of his stomach capacity. In a 90-minute, $15,000 operation in Manukau's SuperClinic, surgeon Richard Babor stapled and snipped How's stomach down from a 1.5-litre pouch to a thin tube the size and shape of a penlight, which can hold only 150ml. One year on from the operation, How is still learning how to use his re-tuned digestive system.

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diabetes plan launch

Diabetes Plan Launched at Middlemore Hospital

Posted by Communications Team on 21 October 2015 | - A plan to tackle diabetes at home has been launched at Middlemore Hospital.Diabetes is one of New Zealand's biggest health challenges with an estimated 257,000 people currently living with diabetes.Last year the number of people with diabetes grew by nearly 40 people a day. Read more...

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childhood nutrition

Focusing on childhood obesity

Posted by Communications Team on 20 October 2015 |

The Government announced a package of initiatives to prevent and manage obesity in children and young people.

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Geraint Martin

Richard’s story: Living with diabetes and taking control

Posted by Geraint Martin on 4 December 2014 |

One of the driving forces behind the work we are doing at CM Health is around supporting and empowering people to better manage their long-term conditions at home. Conditions like diabetes where we have approximately 34000 living with diabetes in South Auckland.

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