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About this service:

Current service provision covers A&E, in-patient, out-patient and community patient examinations in General x-ray, Theatre x-ray, Interventional x-ray and ultrasound, GI studies, General, Paediatric and Vascular Ultrasound, CT scanning, and MRI.


The Radiology department is administered from Middlemore but is split over the 2 main campuses. 

The Middlemore Hospital department consists of:

  • 8 modern Philips ceiling-suspended x-ray rooms split into the ‘main department’ (5 rooms, one of which has a tomographic facility) and the ‘Emergency Care’ department. The latter has 3 digital x-ray rooms supported by 2 Philips ceiling-suspended trauma C-arms situated in Resus rooms
  • A dedicated Philips Flat Plate Interventional suite supported by a 14 bed day stay ward
  • 2 general screening rooms with a Philips under couch tube and a Siemens floor-mounted C-arm which also acts a second Interventional procedure room
  • 1 Philips 128-slice CT scanners and one Siemens flash
  • 6 Ultrasound rooms, one of which is dedicated to US-guided Interventional procedures, containing a mixture of Philips iU22’s, HDI5000 and GE Logic 700’s
  • 5 image intensifiers and 7 AMX 4’s for theatre and portable examinations
  • An administration facility with staff room, meeting room, 2 conference rooms and a transcription office
  • 2 x 1.5T Siemens MRI scanner

The Manukau SuperClinic (MSC) site consists of:

  • 5 Philips ceiling-suspended x-ray rooms, one of which is tomographic capable
  • 2 Ultrasound rooms with ATL3000’s
  • 2 image intensifiers with 1 AMX4 for theatre and portable examinations
  • A Mammography department with a combined Breast Screening facility of 3 Philips Mammographic units and 2 Ultrasound rooms

Both sites are fully computerized with all images archived to PACS.  We use Agfa CR and Agfa Radiology Information system


The Radiology Department prides itself on its can-do attitude, its training and its friendly staff. It contains approximately 130 FTE (Full Time Equivalent) split into Radiologists, Registrars, Radiographers, Sonographers, Nurses, Patient Care Assistants, Radiology Clerks and Managers. 

Most work is performed between 0800-1700hrs with a 24/7 service offered via shifts or on-call in CT, Ultrasound, A&E general x-ray, Interventional, MRI and Theatre areas. 

CMDHB Radiology is nationally recognized for its high quality training of Student Radiographers and Sonographers and actively encourages qualified staff to progress in their careers and in their continuous medical education.

We are currently looking for Radiologists, Sonographers and Medical Radiation Technologists to join this amazing team.  Click below to apply for any of these roles.



Medical Radiation Technologists