Careers in Health

So, you’re getting to that age where you have to start looking to the future and planning your career. Deciding on a career is a very big deal, so it pays to have a really good look around - to make sure you choose the right path for you. We’d like you to come and ‘try on’ a career in Health, because we think you’ll be seriously surprised just how many options are available to you in the health sector.

You’ll know the obvious roles - a doctor or a nurse, right? But what kind of doctor? A doctor dealing with children, older people, women, men.....the list goes on. As a nurse, would you want to work in the cut and thrust of the emergency department, in the surgical theatre, in the wards, or in intensive care?

You might not want to be a doctor or a nurse; you might be a sports fan who’d be more interested in treating sports injuries - so why not become a physiotherapist? If you love babies, there’s no better role than bringing children into the world as a midwife! If you have a wonderful way with people and are a good listener, you might consider a career as a counsellor. The options are staggering, and you’ll only find out what’s for you by coming in and having a look for yourself.

You might want a job working with lots of new people everyday, or one that leads you to being a specialist in your chosen skill, in health you’ll be challenged, you’ll earn well and you’ll go home at night knowing you’re making a difference to your world. Wherever your interests lie, we reckon that there’s a wonderful career waiting for you in Health.

Some roles offer on-the-job training. Some require tertiary study. Others may be a natural next step from what you’re already doing.

Worried that you don’t have any qualifications? Don’t be - some tertiary education providers offer foundation courses to bridge into health training programmes.

And as an employer, we offer you support for personal and professional development. There are also a number of health scholarships available to train for health careers.

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