NZ Nurses Organisation (NZNO) Strike

7am Thursday 12 July to 7am Friday 13 July 2018

Members of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) have started strike action for 24 hours from 7am this morning, Thursday 12 July to 7am Friday 13 July at all DHBs around the country.  This means that NZNO nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants employed at Counties Manukau District Health Board (CMDHB) will be unavailable during the strike period.

Counties Manukau DHB has a deep respect for our nurses, healthcare assistants and midwives. They are a highly valued part of our workforce, committed to caring for our patients. We respect their right to take industrial action and know the decision to take industrial action is a very difficult one for each individual to make.

The DHBs have asked the Employment Relations Authority to help find a way forward.

With industrial action underway, non-acute and outpatient/elective services will be seriously curtailed.

Our priority is supporting patient safety through this period. All acute services will be available during the strike period at reduced capacity.


Planning for Strike Action

We are ensuring that we have contingency plans in place to provide essential and life preserving services. This is ongoing and continuous.

There is a process agreed with the NZNO for contingency planning and the 20 DHBs have been working with its teams for some time. 

  • We will continue to operate essential services such as our emergency department, emergency surgery, medical and maternity care throughout the strike; and patient safety remains the DHB’s top priority.
  • We will, however, only be able to maintain essential services during the strike, and many operations will be deferred, outpatient clinics closed and appointments rescheduled.

During the strike period people should not delay seeking medical treatment. If you are, or may be, seriously unwell you should still come to ED. If you have a condition that is not urgent or severe, you  should contact your GP, or visit a local pharmacy. If it is an emergency, call 111 immediately. 

For FREE health advice 24 hours a day, call Healthline on 0800 611 116

Services That Will Remain Open on Strike Day

Life preserving plans have been agreed with NZNO to ensure the following services and wards remain open on strike day.

  • All Middlemore Hospital Wards and Acute Services including Emergency Department.
  • All Maternity and Birthing Services
  • All Mental Health Services
  • All Ophthalmology Clinics (Eye Clinics) at Manukau Super Clinic.
  • Franklin Memorial Hospital, Pukekohe
  • Pukekohe Hospital
  • Auckland Spinal Unit
  • National Burns Service

Services Closed During Strike Period

With the exception of the Eye Clinics, all outpatient clinics and elective theatres are cancelled at:

  • Manukau Super Clinic (MSC)
  • Manukau Surgical Clinic
  • Botany
  • Mangere
  • Otara 


With the exception of the eye clinics at Manukau Super Clinic, all other elective/outpatient clinics will be closed. This includes gynaecology, orthopaedic, plastic surgery and general surgery and acute otorhinolaryngology (ear, noses, throat).

In the interests of patient safety, there will be no major surgery at least three days prior to the strike day.


If your outpatient appointment or inpatient surgical appointment was affected by strike action:

  • You will have received a letter about this on 29th June.
  • You may also have received a second notification via text on your cell phone on Friday 6 July.

If you are an outpatient or surgical inpatient, and you are uncertain if you are affected, please contact:

Help Desk 0800 277 1661 or


Rescheduling Patients

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to reschedule appointments until after strike day.

If you experience difficulty calling through on strike day, please call the 0800 line again and/or send an email to


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