Important: To keep everyone safe during Alert Level 2, visiting people in hospitals is restricted.  Whaanau who visit should arrange visits in advance with the ward Charge Nurse. More details here.

Restricted Visiting policy – Alert Level 2

To protect patients, whaanau and staff, public access to our hospitals and units will continue to be only on essential (such as carer education to support discharge) or compassionate grounds (such as for critically unwell or palliative care cases) during Alert Level 2.

Our priority is to keep our hospitals, clinics and other sites safe for everyone.

“Haumara te taonga - Keeping our treasures safe”

To achieve this, we need to continue to manage the number of people coming to our hospitals and other sites – so that physical distancing and the other essential infection prevention and control measures are possible.

Whaanau who want to visit a patient need to be from the patient’s own “bubble”, and need to request permission in advance by speaking to the Charge Nurse Manager/ Charge Midwife Manager.  Contact details for all our sites are listed on the website.

The decision will be made on a case-by-case basis, by a lead clinician in conjunction with infection prevention and control experts.

We encourage whaanau and friends to first consider “virtual” visiting options – by phone, text or video/ FaceTime – to stay connected and give support to patients who are in hospital.

All visitors will undergo screening before they enter the hospital to ensure they pose no health risk to patients, other visitors and hospital staff. On arrival at a main hospital entrance, visitors will be asked three yes/no questions, every time they visit, and before they can enter the hospital. 

The questions are:

  1. Have you returned from overseas within the last 14 days?
  2. Do you live with anyone, or care for anyone, or have you visited anyone that has become ill with COVID-19 symptoms, or has been asked to self-isolate?
  3. Do you have symptoms such as fever, cough, running nose, sore throat etc.?

Please answer the questions truthfully, as we want to ensure anyone who does visit is healthy.  Our approach is designed to make sure that when visitors do come to a hospital (in line with advice from the Ministry of Health), they can do so safely and without putting patients, staff, or themselves at risk.

Some of our Specialist Care Units have further restrictions on visiting during this time – details of these are on our Visitors & Family page.

As the national alert levels change, our approach to visitor restrictions will be reviewed and updated.  Thank you for your support as we work to slow the spread of COVID-19, and help save lives.

More information on our services, current visiting restrictions and COVID-19 response is on the Counties Manukau Health website.

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