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Introducing our new frontline anti-bullying resource

Posted by Karen Didovich, HR Manager on 8 November 2016 |

For those who think bullying is a playground tactic at primary school, think again. Sadly, bullying and harassment are workplace issues that not only impact on the people directly affected by the bullying or harassment behaviour, but also those around them (this includes staff and patients). Bullying and harassment has to be taken seriously and are now recognised in the new health and safety legislation that came into effect earlier this year.

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A close encounter with a bench saw

Posted by Geraint Martin on 27 January 2016 |

Last week I talked about our values - wanting to embed our values of Together, valuing everyone, Excellent and Kind. This week I received, absolutely coincidentally, a letter from The Right Reverend John Bluck, retired Anglican Bishop of Taranaki, and previously Christchurch. This letter tells of his Middlemore experience, following a nasty accident with a drop saw while making a Christmas gift for one of his grandchildren. Rev Bluck's honest account of his stay at Middlemore in the plastics ward under the care of Plastic Surgeon Murray Beagley, to me epitomises what we are trying to achieve and why I love this job so much. 

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M Lyndon

Equity is about fairness – having the same opportunities to the best start in life

Posted by Martin Geraint and Dr Mataroria Lyndon on 22 October 2015 |

Growing up, I wanted to make a difference for people living in South Auckland and Northland – my communities. I have seen Maaori and Pacific children suffering from heart failure, because of rheumatic fever. I have seen my elders pass away from chronic disease, well before their time. That’s why when I heard we had chosen ‘valuing everyone’ as an organisational value, I thought about valuing equity.

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Health board launches its new values

Posted by Communications Team on 29 September 2015 | - Counties Manukau Health has launched its refreshed values and strategic plan with the help of the community. More than 2000 people shared their ideas on how staff can consistently be at their best to formulate the plan called 'Healthy Together'.

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Excellent is not resting on your laurels

Posted by Geraint Martin on 24 September 2015 |

CM Health launched its refreshed strategy and values this month, and over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing stories from staff who live these values (Kind, Valuing everyone, Together and Excellent) in their day to day jobs.

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Being kind ……it’s as simple as a smile or a squeeze of a hand

Posted by Geraint Martin on 18 September 2015 |

Last week we launched our new strategy and values, and over the next few weeks I’ll be bringing you stories from everyday people, who live our values in their day-to-day jobs.

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Being at our best for our people, whaanau, families and each other

Posted by Dr Lee Mathias on 14 August 2015 |

Our board chair, Dr Lee Mathias, joins me today to say a few words on behalf of the board, and to thank you, our staff, for the valuable contributions that you make.

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Kindness is a clinical intervention

Posted by Geraint Martin on 4 May 2015 |

Values Week is underway and it’s been wonderful to see large numbers of staff, patients and whaanau take time out from busy jobs and lives to share what makes a good or bad day at work or a good or bad experience of care.

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Patient Feedback Survey

Posted by CM Health on 2 May 2015 |

Complete the patient, family/whaanau feedback survey and tell us about your experience in our care.

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CM Health Inpatient Experience Report 5

Posted by Lena Crawford on 15 April 2015 |

In this report we are looking at the aspects of care that make the most difference to the way Counties Manukau Health patients rate our services. 

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