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How are we really doing?

Posted by Geraint Martin | Chief Executive on 14 July 2016 |

Recently, we shared with the media the findings of a report on CM Health’s performance.

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Health board launches its new values

Posted by Communications Team on 29 September 2015 | - Counties Manukau Health has launched its refreshed values and strategic plan with the help of the community. More than 2000 people shared their ideas on how staff can consistently be at their best to formulate the plan called 'Healthy Together'.

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Being kind ……it’s as simple as a smile or a squeeze of a hand

Posted by Geraint Martin on 18 September 2015 |

Last week we launched our new strategy and values, and over the next few weeks I’ll be bringing you stories from everyday people, who live our values in their day-to-day jobs.

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Being at our best for our people, whaanau, families and each other

Posted by Dr Lee Mathias on 14 August 2015 |

Our board chair, Dr Lee Mathias, joins me today to say a few words on behalf of the board, and to thank you, our staff, for the valuable contributions that you make.

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CMH HealthyTogether

Our Strategic Picture

Posted by Communications Team on 23 June 2015 |

Counties Manukau Health has been working towards being the best healthcare system in Australasian by December 2015, and we're heading in the right direction.  

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Geraint Martin

Let’s get honest about ourselves ….

Posted by Geraint Martin on 12 February 2015 |

What does a good day at work look like for you? What do we need to do to increase those experiences? What’s a bad day? How do we decrease those experiences? These are the kinds of questions I’ll be asking you over the coming months as part of our values refresh. I like to think about this as coming clean and being honest with ourselves about what makes our system a great place to work and when it isn’t as good, why? It’s also important that we stretch our conversations to include our colleagues who work in primary and community-based organisations – they are part of our patient’s experience of healthcare. So what do values have to do with patient safety and quality of care?

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margie apa

Assuming I’m alive in 2020…

Posted by Margie Apa on 9 February 2015 |

I’ll be 47 years old in 2020. According to our population projections for Pacific women, I’m already more than half way through my life expectancy. I know for certain that some things will be different– for example I expect my children will have finished school, hopefully embarking on careers, my parents will have retired (hopefully healthy and well) possibly back to the islands. Some things I’m not so sure about but I can plan for: big house renovations or small? what to do with that spare room when my kids leave home? … or not? Despite uncertainties and assuming I’m alive and well, the next five years could be the best of my life!

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Geraint Martin

Tis the season to “RE”!

Posted by Geraint Martin on 19 December 2014 |

While I am looking forward to spending the holidays with family and friends, I must say I’m mostly looking forward to having time out to myself to rest, refresh and read the growing pile of books I’ve been keen to get to. We should rename this season as the season to “RE”! REfresh, REnew, REinvent, REvise, REflect, RE-energise, REbalance, REassess….. get the picture? However you choose to celebrate and take time out, I hope you enjoy the break. When you come back next year I’ll be asking for your help on a few important pieces of work.

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