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Geraint Martin

We can’t have healthy people on a sick planet – doing our bit for the environment

Posted by Geraint Martin on 27 November 2014 |

I’ve worked in the health system for many years and for a period of time environmental sustainability wasn’t foremost in my mind. What I’ve come to understand, during my time as CEO, is the impact the healthcare sector has on our environment. I’m also more aware that the amount of waste, energy, water, medical gas and even our food system is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. So what is a Greenhouse Gas (GHG)? While not a simple question to answer a greenhouse gas refers to the gasses in the atmosphere that trap heat. While we need a certain amount of greenhouse gases to keep our planet from freezing over, too much can lead to global warming.

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debbie wilson 426

It’s not sexy but it’s important

Posted by Debbie Wilson, Sustainability Officer on 25 September 2014 |

I’m a committed greenie, I mean it’s my job, but it’s also something I’m committed to in my personal life. A core part of our sustainability programme, Practising Sustainable Healthcare, is managing waste by either reducing it (ultimate aim), recycling or, better still, upcycling i.e. giving waste a second life.Debbie Wilson

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