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CM Health Quality Accounts

Posted by Communications Team on 17 December 2015 |

Each year, all DHBs produce a set of “Quality Accounts” which showcase our on-going commitment to quality and safety, particularly with regards to our performance against National Health Targets, quality standards, patient safety priorities, service improvements and integration initiatives.  

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margie apa

Feedback is the food of champions

Posted by Margie Apa on 23 April 2015 |

Actually, Ken Blanchard, American author and management expert said “breakfast” of champions, but I think you get what I mean. I don’t think there is anything more humbling than someone saying ‘you didn’t do a very good job’ or ‘can you do better’? High performance athletes are used to it of course. In Valerie Adams’ inspiring biography, the amount of additional coaching and feedback that goes into pushing her shot-put out that extra few centimeters is phenomenal. Every improvement comes from dissecting her performance to look for what needs to happen differently next time – no matter how small or marginal it might seem.

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