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A breach of privacy

Posted by Geraint Martin on 21 May 2015 |

The other day I saw a staff member getting into their car, and putting what looked like a handful of patient notes in the boot. He was probably off to see his patients at a clinic or do a home visit. This sort of thing is not unusual, especially as we are very much a paper based system and need to take patient notes with us to do our jobs. However, I couldn’t help thinking how accountable we are for keeping the personal and sensitive details of our patients safe when their notes are in our care. I bring this up as we have dealt with a case where patient information (contained in a notebook) was left in a vehicle, in full view while unattended. To compound matters, the car was broken into, and the notebook discarded along the way. While the notebook was retrieved, the Privacy Commissioner at the outset told CM Health that it had likely breached ‘Rule 5′ of the Health Information Privacy Code. In a nutshell, the Commissioner indicated that in this situation we did not take reasonable safeguards to protect the information contained in the notebook.

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Geraint Martin

We’re on to a winner with SWIFT

Posted by Geraint Martin on 11 December 2014 |

SWIFTI’ve blogged a fair bit this year about Project SWIFT (System Wide Integration For Transformation), which reflects not only my own excitement about the potential this project offers, but also its importance to Counties Manukau Health as an organisation.

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