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lance sullivan

Lance O'Sullivan joins Ko Awatea at Middlmore Hospital

Posted by Communications Team on 8 August 2016 | | Renowned Northland GP Dr Lance O'Sullivan​ is now a clinical fellow of Ko Awatea.

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apac 350

APAC Forum

Posted by Ko Awatea on 21 August 2015 |

23rd - 25th September 2015 at SKY City Convention Centre, Auckland.  

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A coordinated approach to innovation Part 1

Posted by Tim Alvis on 13 July 2015 |

Today we start a three-part blog series about how we’re making plans for improvements to hospital systems over the next few years. In part one we look at how we’ve got here and where we need to go.

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P1060455 1

Laying the foundations for change

Posted by Margaret Aimer and Kim Wiseman (Ko Awatea) and Peter Johnston (IBM) on 18 June 2015 |

“Having the right people leading the change is so important,” Matt Clark, Clinical Change Leader, Project SWIFT.  

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Geraint Martin

We’re on to a winner with SWIFT

Posted by Geraint Martin on 11 December 2014 |

SWIFTI’ve blogged a fair bit this year about Project SWIFT (System Wide Integration For Transformation), which reflects not only my own excitement about the potential this project offers, but also its importance to Counties Manukau Health as an organisation.

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Geraint Martin

We can’t have healthy people on a sick planet – doing our bit for the environment

Posted by Geraint Martin on 27 November 2014 |

I’ve worked in the health system for many years and for a period of time environmental sustainability wasn’t foremost in my mind. What I’ve come to understand, during my time as CEO, is the impact the healthcare sector has on our environment. I’m also more aware that the amount of waste, energy, water, medical gas and even our food system is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. So what is a Greenhouse Gas (GHG)? While not a simple question to answer a greenhouse gas refers to the gasses in the atmosphere that trap heat. While we need a certain amount of greenhouse gases to keep our planet from freezing over, too much can lead to global warming.

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Geraint Martin

How safe are we?

Posted by Geraint Martin on 28 October 2014 |

“I can tell what kind of care my daughter is going to get within 15 steps of walking on to a ward.”

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