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National health targets quarter two 2016 results

Posted by Communications Team on 23 February 2016 |

Media release - Counties Manukau Health is one of the country's leaders in ensuring that our community has heart and diabetes checks. In the National Health targets, released today, 92% of our community's eligible population received these potentially life-saving checks in the last 5 years. This is against a target of 90%. This is especially significant given our population's high incidence of diabetes.

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CM Health Quality Accounts

Posted by Communications Team on 17 December 2015 |

Each year, all DHBs produce a set of “Quality Accounts” which showcase our on-going commitment to quality and safety, particularly with regards to our performance against National Health Targets, quality standards, patient safety priorities, service improvements and integration initiatives.  

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Counties Manukau Health delivers top performance

Posted by on 1 September 2015 |

Counties Manukau Health continues to deliver outstanding results to the South Auckland community. In the just-released National Health Targets, Counties Manukau Health ranks as the top-performer in consistently achieving some of the harder targets such as 95% of ED patients being treated within 6 hours and 95% of our babies being fully immunised at eight months of age. These results have been achieved during a difficult and very busy winter period.

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Latest health target results for Counties Manukau

Posted by Communications Team on 26 August 2015 |

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says the latest quarterly health targets results show Counties Manukau DHB is making good progress.

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Good progress on health targets in Counties Manukau

Posted by Lena Crawford on 10 June 2015 |

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says the latest quarterly health target results show Counties Manukau Health is making good progress. 

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Pushing the accelerator on integrated care

Posted by Benedict and Geraint on 18 May 2015 |

We are entering a new era in healthcare – one where we re-orientate our health system around primary and community care. With a growing and ageing population and a rise in chronic and long-term conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, we have a challenge on our hands to integrate services and systems across the health spectrum and empower our healthcare users to keep themselves well and at home – away from unnecessary trips to hospital.

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Feedback is the food of champions

Posted by Margie Apa on 23 April 2015 |

Actually, Ken Blanchard, American author and management expert said “breakfast” of champions, but I think you get what I mean. I don’t think there is anything more humbling than someone saying ‘you didn’t do a very good job’ or ‘can you do better’? High performance athletes are used to it of course. In Valerie Adams’ inspiring biography, the amount of additional coaching and feedback that goes into pushing her shot-put out that extra few centimeters is phenomenal. Every improvement comes from dissecting her performance to look for what needs to happen differently next time – no matter how small or marginal it might seem.

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Geraint Martin

Farewell from Prof Gregor Coster, CMDHB Chair (outgoing)

Posted by Geraint Martin on 9 December 2013 |

I’m writing this blog on the departure of the current board, to say a few words on behalf of the board and myself, and to thank you, our staff, for the valuable contributions that you make.

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Focusing on Financial Sustainability

Posted by Melanie Staples on 7 June 2013 |

Descending into winter also means we are coming towards the end of the financial year. There’s no doubt that 2012/13 has been challenging, but even so we are on track for probably one of our best ever performances in terms of balancing our books and meeting our targets as a result of providing high quality healthcare.

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Courage and Faith

Posted by Geraint Martin on 24 May 2013 |

Last Sunday (19 May) I was asked to chair a ‘Question and Answer’ session at the Auckland Readers and Writers Festival with a remarkable woman called Masha Gessen.

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