Rapper Parris Goebel says stop it!

parris goebel

Manukau Courier 23 February 2016 | The Manukau Courier has joined forces with Counties Manukau Health to try to get visitors and patients to stop smoking outside Middlemore Hospital and the Manukau SuperClinic.

The award-winning choregrapher, dancer, actress and rapper Parris Goebel has lent her weight to the campaign too.

‘‘I don’t want to walk through someone else’s dirty smoke, especially not outside a hospital! ‘‘Think before you light up and together we can clear the air.’’ Counties Manukau Health wants the community to get on board with its message: If you need to smoke, don’t do it outside hospital entrances or on surrounding land. 

Hospitals are places of healing and patients are often vulnerable, it says. Smokers create a toxic cloud of smoke that patients and whanau have to walk through. 

There is free help available to people who want to quit – phone 0800 568 569 or email smokefree@middlemore.co.nz

Have you got a good idea to encourage people to stop smoking on hospital grounds? Share your idea with Counties Manukau Health and the Manukau Courier and you could win an iPad Mini.