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Auckland DHBs say PSA misleading public over strike

Posted by Communications Team on 11 November 2015 |

The three Auckland DHBs (Waitemata, Auckland, and Counties Manukau) facing strike action from PSA-allied staff members this week, say the union is deliberately misleading the public to try and gain their support.

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Smiling delegates

The conference that laughed - flashback to APAC 2015

Posted by Geraint Martin on 6 November 2015 |

Ko Awatea hosted its first Asia Pacific (APAC) Forum in 2012 with 950 people attending. Three years later the APAC Forum has nearly doubled in size, becoming one of the largest healthcare improvement conferences in the world. That's an amazing accomplishment in such a short time, and a testament to the insatiable appetite people have for improving healthcare for their communities.

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Middlemore, Satellite Units and Outpatient Consumer Council

Posted by Communications Team on 6 November 2015 |

Expression of Interest for a Consumer Council member within the Counties Manukau Patient Whaanau Centred Care Consumer Council

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Radiology Nurses

Open day for Radiology Nurses

Posted by Team Counties on 5 November 2015 |

Last month Radiology Nurses at Middlemore Hospital hosted an open day, to show their fellow colleagues (nurses and play specialists) what they do, besides taking X-rays and scans.

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Humba obesity trial

Mum's the word in obesity trial

Posted by Communications Team on 4 November 2015 |

New Zealand Herald - Pregnant women given probiotics and counselling to break cycle of weight problems. Health researchers are trying to break the obesity cycle in South Auckland, one of the world's capitals of obesity, by targeting pregnant women with probiotics and intensive advice.

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The gut-less wonder

Posted by Geraint Martin on 28 October 2015 |

I’m typical of a lot of people who battle with their weight. For me it’s the yo-yo effect of dieting – you lose weight, you put it on again, you lose it, you put on more, and so the cycle continues. As I get older, it’s getting harder to keep off the weight and by the end of last year I reached 125 kilos. My knees hurt, I felt unwell, and I found it difficult to walk long distances. The reality was something had to change, and it had to be a long-term solution, that was right for me.

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Mental health unit

New mental health unit gets green light

Posted by Communications Team on 23 October 2015 | - Counties Manukau Health is set to rebuild its adult acute mental health unit, Tiaho Mai.  The $53.6 million rebuild is in the final stages of design but work is planned to start mid-2016.The Government will provide $23.6 million and Counties Manukau Health will fund the balance of $30 million. Read more...

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M Lyndon

Equity is about fairness – having the same opportunities to the best start in life

Posted by Martin Geraint and Dr Mataroria Lyndon on 22 October 2015 |

Growing up, I wanted to make a difference for people living in South Auckland and Northland – my communities. I have seen Maaori and Pacific children suffering from heart failure, because of rheumatic fever. I have seen my elders pass away from chronic disease, well before their time. That’s why when I heard we had chosen ‘valuing everyone’ as an organisational value, I thought about valuing equity.

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diabetes plan launch

Diabetes Plan Launched at Middlemore Hospital

Posted by Communications Team on 21 October 2015 | - A plan to tackle diabetes at home has been launched at Middlemore Hospital.Diabetes is one of New Zealand's biggest health challenges with an estimated 257,000 people currently living with diabetes.Last year the number of people with diabetes grew by nearly 40 people a day. Read more...

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childhood nutrition

Focusing on childhood obesity

Posted by Communications Team on 20 October 2015 |

The Government announced a package of initiatives to prevent and manage obesity in children and young people.

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