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peter watson 426

What do laughter yoga, Tai Chi and salsa have in common?

Posted by Dr Pete Watson, Clinical Director, Mental Health Services on 8 October 2014 |

Laughter yoga? I know, sounds out there for a hospital but it’s happening today at 11.30am in the Ko Awatea Lecture Theatre with none other than Bob Harvey. That’s right, Bob Harvey. And if you missed the salsa lesson yesterday there’s always Tai Chi tomorrow morning. Or the aptly named Wake up, smell the roses, and tantalize your senses senseless! session, which provides insights into how and what takes your edge off with quick, easy and effective techniques.

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Geraint Martin

When the unthinkable happens

Posted by Geraint Martin on 6 October 2014 |

Thursday 25 September will remain firmly etched in my mind as I was told of the disappearance of a five-day-old baby from our Maternity Ward at Middlemore Hospital. While the baby was safety returned to its parents, thanks to CCTV and the prompt action of staff, security and police it was a harrowing time for the parents and staff involved.

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sarah tout 426

Pregnancy; now or later?

Posted by Sarah Tout, Clinical Director, Women’s Health on 1 October 2014 |

Every day I meet pregnant women and while they all share this fact, their circumstances vary considerably. Some planned their pregnancy, sometimes for more years than they can remember, but many haven’t. Most are happy, even though they weren’t truly “planned”, others have difficult decisions to make and many are resigned to having another mouth to feed.

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debbie wilson 426

It’s not sexy but it’s important

Posted by Debbie Wilson, Sustainability Officer on 25 September 2014 |

I’m a committed greenie, I mean it’s my job, but it’s also something I’m committed to in my personal life. A core part of our sustainability programme, Practising Sustainable Healthcare, is managing waste by either reducing it (ultimate aim), recycling or, better still, upcycling i.e. giving waste a second life.Debbie Wilson

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Geraint Martin

Give yourself a pay rise!

Posted by Geraint Martin on 23 September 2014 |

Last week the children from the crèche and Kidz First helped me roll the big red Stoptober ball through Middlemore Hospital. Truth be told the kids actually took the ball off me – who was I to argue! The event was in support of Stoptober – a national campaign, which aims to get smokers to give up the cigarettes for an entire month, starting 1st October.

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piri weepu with the stop ball 426

Is it time to quit? The story about how I quit smoking

Posted by Karyn Lyon, Team Administrator, Te Rawhiti Community Mental Health Centre on 17 September 2014 |

Next month is Stoptober. Stop-what? Before you dismiss it because it seems like every month has a cause attached to it these days, I’d like you to give me a few more minutes of your time.

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Geraint Martin

The best conference I have ever been to!

Posted by Geraint Martin on 15 September 2014 |

“The best conference I have ever been to.” Professor Peter Bradley, Public Health Wales

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project swift logo 426

Making change work with Enterprise Architecture

Posted by Dougal Watt, Chief Technologist, IBM New Zealand on 10 September 2014 |

Imagine if Auckland was radically different from today’s city. Imagine a beautifully constructed city built around the harbour, with extensive public transport like the best European cities, and a mix of affordable dense and open space living. This vision actually belonged to Ernst Plischke, who created it in the 1940s.

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Geraint Martin

A heroic deed

Posted by Geraint Martin on 2 September 2014 |

This week I want to introduce Biace Poasa, an amazing young man, who works as an orderly at Middlemore Hospital.

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margie apa

“Ummm, you need to lose weight if you want to be healthy…” Awkward conversations are a necessary part of fighting obesity

Posted by Margie Apa, Director - Strategic Development on 27 August 2014 |

I wish someone had had the awkward conversation with me when I was in my teens, letting me know that I needed to stay at about 77kgs for the rest of my life to reduce risk of obesity-related disease. At my current height, the National Heart Foundation BMI calculator says I need to be 77 kgs if I want to be “healthy”. The truth is, I haven’t been 77kgs since I was in my teens. I did ask the computer screen if it took account of my Pacific bone density, my muscle weight (ha ha) and the fact that it’s in my DNA to eat taro and yams in coconut cream, pineapple half-moon pies and drink good Waipara pinot noir. Unfortunately, the computer said NO.

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