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carolestiles 426

Have you settled your feathers in the mindfulness nest?

Posted by Carole Stiles, Ko Awatea on 12 November 2014 |

Many of you may not know we have a mindfulness nest in Ko Awatea. That’s right, a mindfulness nest – a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy hospital in which we work.

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Geraint Martin

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

Posted by Geraint Martin on 12 November 2014 |

Over a decade ago I was lucky enough to work at the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, which is recognised as one of the leading health systems in the United States. On my last day I accompanied the Professor of Surgery to ICU, and as he was about to touch a patient the Health Care Assistant (HCA) spoke up and said “please don’t touch that patient”. When the Professor asked why, the HCA said it was because he hadn’t washed his hands. With a discerning nod, the Professor thanked her for reminding him. This gave me a glimpse into the culture of an organisation where people felt empowered to speak up if they saw something that was wrong.

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laura 426

Santa Claus is coming to town

Posted by Laura Simpson on 5 November 2014 |

Back in June I wrote about the Lazy Project Manager and his specific approach to project management. The post got quite a few views, probably because everyone was keen to find out who was the lazy one with their feet up! This month I want to introduce you to another friend of mine.

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Geraint Martin

Last week I took in my belt a notch …… burning calories while having fun

Posted by Geraint Martin on 5 November 2014 |

Back in ‘my day’ we didn’t have online apps or electronic devices to keep track of what you should be eating, how many calories you were burning, how many steps you had walked and how far you had gone. For my kids they can’t imagine a world without this kind of technology at their finger- tips. In fact they look at me as if I have led a sheltered and simple life. While I try my best to keep up to date with the latest electronic gadgets out there, Project SWIFT (System Wide Integration For Transformation) is opening up my eyes to how we can potentially use technology to help people manage and monitor their own health from the convenience of their own home.

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margie apa

I hope I get a death like my grandma….. no awkward conversations here!

Posted by Margie Apa, Director, Strategic Development on 30 October 2014 |

My grandma died at 87 years of age about four weeks ago, surrounded by as many of her children (13 of them), grandchildren (48 of us) and great-grandchildren (63 of them!) who could be there serenading her as she passed away. She was mobile and independent until the last five weeks of her life which she spent in hospital. She was diagnosed with cancer a few days before her death but by then her frail body was not able to cope with chemotherapy. She had actually decided two weeks before her death that she had had enough and was ready to go – no more tests, poking and prodding thank you kind doctors and nurses. Let me go, I’m ready she said to us her family. She said repeatedly “fa’afetai le Atua ua tele ou aso” – how grateful she was for her long life. How grateful we are for her legacy of a loving and close-knit extended family.

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Geraint Martin

How safe are we?

Posted by Geraint Martin on 28 October 2014 |

“I can tell what kind of care my daughter is going to get within 15 steps of walking on to a ward.”

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Geraint Martin

Ebola: What it means for Middlemore Hospital and for you

Posted by Geraint Martin on 22 October 2014 |

There has been a great deal of attention focussed on the West African Ebola outbreak in recent weeks, especially since there have been a small number of imported cases in to developed countries (only one of these was an unknown case, in Dallas). It is worth pausing for a moment, before going on to spare a thought for the West African countries that have been battling the outbreak for the last year in a setting of extremely poor infrastructure and resources with a poor and sluggish world response. Today I’m joined by Dr David Holland, Clinical Director Infection Services to give you an up-to-date account on a number of issues related to Ebola and CM Health’s response.

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sarah thirlwall 426

Putting an end to that impromptu cuppa

Posted by Sarah Thirlwall, Stuart Barnard and Janet Gibson on 22 October 2014 |

Nothing is more frustrating than going to a computer to do a ‘quick’ task like completing a discharge summary or looking up some results only to find that the network is down or the application crashes. You want to get on, but all you can do is have an impromptu cuppa. However, the job still needs to get done and your day turns to custard. We’re very hopeful that will soon be a thing of the past.

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renee bamberry 426

One day you’ll be speaking at APAC – say what? Renee Greaves, Patient and Whaanau Care Advisor, talks about her recent experience and the importance of finding joy in the workplace

Posted by Renee Greaves on 15 October 2014 |

Some of our readers will have attended APAC last month just as I did, and others will have heard about it through friends and colleagues. I attended and found it gave me a good chance to reflect on how much has changed in the past 12 months since I attended APAC 2013, as a consumer sponsored by the HSQC. Roll the clock forward and this year I’m representing CM Health and Ko Awatea in my role as Patient and Whaanau Care Advisor.

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Geraint Martin

Do we pass the ‘granny’ test?

Posted by Geraint Martin on 13 October 2014 |

Most of you will be aware of my passion for improving the patient experience. I have done several blogs and addresses on the need for our patients to be treated with compassion and dignity and the need to enable family and whaanau to be a part of the care process. I am pleased to say that we have formalised the way in which we can measure our patients’ experience.

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