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A Final Thank You

Posted by Geraint Martin on 23 December 2011 |

Our board chairman, Professor Gregor Coster, is joining me today as we both want to convey to you our gratitude for your contributions to the extraordinary year we’ve had at CMDHB.

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‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

Posted by Geraint Martin on 16 December 2011 |

I find the last few weeks before the Christmas break part daunting and part frustrating.

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Sending Smoke Signals

Posted by Geraint Martin on 9 December 2011 |

One of the first things I did on Monday morning this week was go and talk to the concierges who are stationed at the main entrance of Middlemore Hospital. As well as welcome and assist visitors, these staff members also help monitor and enforce our smokefree policy and it was because of this that I called in to say hello.

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Sharing our Learnings

Posted by Geraint Martin on 2 December 2011 |

One of the ways I think we can measure our success in becoming a leading healthcare organisation is when people from around New Zealand and around the world choose to come and learn from us. That’s not to suggest we get everything right or that we will ever stop learning ourselves. But for all that, there has been some exciting progress recently.

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Looking After Our Children (and Ourselves)

Posted by Geraint Martin on 25 November 2011 |

Two things have really brought me, and many others, down to earth this week. Firstly are the recent cases of child abuse which we’ve learned about through the media, and secondly, the documentary about child poverty which screened on TV3 on Tuesday.

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CMDHB’s Attitude to Errors

Posted by Geraint Martin on 18 November 2011 |

In recent months, there have been a number of high profile cases of medical error resulting in harm to patients. Today I’ve invited Dr Mary Seddon, the Clinical Director of the Centre for Quality Improvement at Ko Awatea, to blog with me on CMDHB’s attitude to errors and patient safety. While we all work hard to provide the best quality of care to each patient every day, I think it’s vital to be clear about our organisation’s standpoint on this so that we can work towards a culture which supports staff to do their best.

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Going Public

Posted by Geraint Martin on 11 November 2011 |

Welcome to those of you who are reading this for the first time. As Chief Executive Officer of the Counties Manukau District Health Board, I’ve been blogging weekly about issues relevant to the organisation and the provision of healthcare in Counties Manukau (with occasional commentary on the Rugby World Cup thrown in for good measure). Up until now my blog has only been made available to CMDHB staff however I’ve decided to go public and make both past and future posts available here to anyone who’s interested. We’re going through a period of great change in the way healthcare is provided in Counties Manukau so now more than ever it’s particularly important to make connections with people across the health sector and start a meaningful two-way dialogue about the way forward. I hope you’ll check in regularly and take the opportunity to comment on issues relevant to you.

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Keeping Well

Posted by Geraint Martin on 4 November 2011 |

Two new faces are soon to join CMDHB to fill senior posts with the organisation. These appointments come as we implement our new management structure, which some of you may have heard me speak about recently. Thanks to all who have come along to the staff forums I have held on this.

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Engaging our Partners

Posted by Geraint Martin on 28 October 2011 |

Thanks to all staff who have been working hard this week to deal with the effects of the Maui gas pipeline leak. Although it can appear effortless, I know the events of this week have at times been disruptive for already busy teams. So my thanks to everybody who has worked with limited linen, hot water and heating supplies to continue delivering the high quality of care we pride ourselves on.

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A Four Minute Update

Posted by Geraint Martin on 21 October 2011 |

A report landed on my desk this week detailing the number of people who read this blog. It was great to learn that my blog is having an impact, with the site receiving 1130 visits during September. The average person spends four minutes here and, like most of their colleagues, checks in on a Monday. This is really heartening for me because the blog is all about finding a way to communicate key issues with you and share what’s driving the DHB.

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