Esme Green

Middlemore Memories

Posted by Esme Green (nee Montgomery) on 2 May 2017 |

As we celebrate Middlemore’s 70th Birthday, who better to take us down memory lane than Esme Green (nee Montgomery) the first trainee nurse to work at Middlemore Hospital.

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Hendon Stephens

Hendon's Journey

Posted by Communications Team on 8 March 2017 |

At the age of 15, Hendon was admitted to hospital with Rheumatic Fever. For the next three months, while in hospital, Hendon would learn how to live and deal with his illness.  This would include monthly injections for the next 25 years.   Having spent so much time in Hospital, Hendon soon built positive relationships with the various health professionals who cared for him.  He knew he wanted to make a difference in the community in the same way they did.   

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jenny parr

Introducing Jenny Parr

Posted by Jenny Parr on 15 February 2017 |

Despite the English accent, I’m a local girl.  I was raised in Papatoetoe, the heart of South Auckland and in my later years went to the Manukau Institute of Technology, where I trained as a nurse.  When I graduated I really wanted to work at Middlemore Hospital, however at the time, there were no jobs. My plan B was to move to England, where I spent the past 22 years. During that time I’ve held a number of roles, which included executive leadership as Director of Nursing, Patient Experience, Infection Prevention & Control and Allied Health.  My previous role at Waitemata DHB also had a key focus on quality systems and improvement, which I really enjoyed. 

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Technology in new outpatient pharmacy enables Pharmacists to focus more on patient needs

Posted by Communications Team on 1 February 2017 |

Haumanu, which means to revive or restore health and wellbeing, is the name of our new pharmacy which will open at Paataka Place at Middlemore Hospital on 7 February.  The approach taken by the new pharmacy is to have pharmacists always accessible to focus on patient interaction and to achieve this, the pharmacy is utilising some cool technology for behind the scene functions.

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Have you thanked your lungs today?

Posted by Fiona Horwood, Clinical Head for Medicine and Respiratory Physician on 17 November 2016 |

Last week was COPD Day.  Another “day” I hear you sigh. But taking a big sigh is a luxury when you have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. COPD is an umbrella term that covers those with long-term lung conditions characterised by shortness of breath, such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema, and chronic asthma. And while it might be an umbrella term, it doesn’t provide any protection from the rain, or otherwise. It’s often an under-diagnosed disease that can also be a silent disease meaning people don’t know they have it until it’s quite advanced. But there are things that can be done to help people breathe better. If you value your lungs, I invite you to read on.

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CMH Healthy Together Values Weave png1

Introducing our new frontline anti-bullying resource

Posted by Karen Didovich, HR Manager on 8 November 2016 |

For those who think bullying is a playground tactic at primary school, think again. Sadly, bullying and harassment are workplace issues that not only impact on the people directly affected by the bullying or harassment behaviour, but also those around them (this includes staff and patients). Bullying and harassment has to be taken seriously and are now recognised in the new health and safety legislation that came into effect earlier this year.

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Love your bones

Posted by Leigh Haldane, Fracture Liaison Service Coordinator at CM Health on 19 October 2016 |

Hi, I’m Leigh Haldane and I’m the Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) Coordinator here at CM Health. FLS is a new service that was set up to identify, investigate and arrange interventions for patients with osteoporosis. We’ve been in operation since February this year and we already have more than 550 patients on our database. That’s 550 people who are now ‘loving their bones’ more than they would have without our intervention. When you consider that worldwide, one in three women and one in five men aged 50 years and over will suffer an osteoporotic fracture, it makes loving your bones something we should all be doing.  Seeing as it was World Osteoporosis Day yesterday, I want to use this blog post to tell you about our service, introduce you to one of our patients, and impart some advice for better bone health.

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giving elderly a voice

Giving the elderly a voice, when they can’t speak for themselves

Posted by Mark Fisher on 3 October 2016 |

One of the things we all have in common is that we are all going to grow old.  If we are lucky we will remain physically and mentally well, which means being able to make our own decisions and have control over our lives.  However, have you considered what happens if you can no longer make decisions on your behalf due to dementia or some other illness?

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Lungs on loan

Posted by Team Counties on 9 August 2016 |

I started smoking when I was 15.  I had just started work, which meant I could afford to buy my own cigarettes. Back then there were no known concerns or warnings about smoking.

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Child protection is everyone's responsibility

Posted by Team Counties: Julie Carroll on 1 August 2016 |

I have worked for the Child Protection Service at CM Health for 12 years in various roles. Last month I was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by the Counties Manukau Police for my collaborative work with Police and Child youth and family (CYF) when children are admitted to Kidz First with suspected abuse.

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