Primary Care Information

We have entered a new era in healthcare where we re-orientate our health system around primary and community care. With a growing and ageing population and a rise in chronic and long-term conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, we have a challenge on our hands to integrate services and systems across the health spectrum and empower our healthcare users to keep themselves well and at home, and reduce unnecessary trips to hospital.

With a focus on integrated care, a number of projects, campaigns and improvement initiatives taking place across Counties Manukau. Each project has a specific goal, but ALL have the needs of the patient and family/whaanau at its core.

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gp checking childs earEnhancing Primary Care

CM Health is in the pilot phase of our Enhancing Primary Care programme. Working collaboratively with our primary health organisations (PHOs) and nine general practices, the programme creates a more sustainable model, which will release capacity in general practice teams to support more planned proactive care for our patients with complex health needs.

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at risk individualsPlanned, proactive care

More than 60,000 people in Counties Manukau live with long term health conditions and we know that these people use a disproportionate amount of healthcare services, which are not always proactive or well-coordinated. CM Health offers these people more support to better manage their health conditions and keep well.

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community health servicesCommunity Integration

Community Integration (previously known as Community Health Services Integration or CHSI) is a core component of Counties Manukau Health’s Healthy Together strategy and goal of working together to achieve health equity.  The transformations will provide more proactive, responsive and integrated community health services to help patients, whaanau and households regain or maintain health, wellbeing and independence.

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counties manukau landscapeLocalities

We manage health services by locality. The establishment of Localities was the first step in the Integrated Care journey. Counties Manukau is made up of four geographical areas where hospital and primary care staff work together to support patients in their community.

The role of primary care is expanding as more health services are made available in the community, closer to patients' homes. Our focus is to provide seamless, high quality health care in any setting.

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