Health Targets

How is Counties Manukau Health performing?

health targets

The Ministry of Health reports on quarterly progress towards achieving agreed annual health targets with each district health board. Performance reports for each year can be found below and on the Ministry of Health website.

Health targets are reviewed annually to ensure they align with government health priorities. The targets focus on improving the health sector’s performance, and ensure our health and disability system is contributing to maintaining and improving health outcomes in these important areas.

CM Health’s strong performance against the national health target expectations in 2013/14 reflects a whole-of-system approach, active leadership and staff commitment. Central to our success in achieving the targets is our partnerships with primary health care and PHOs, and their commitment and leadership to focus resources towards improving health system outcomes for the Counties Manukau population. The collaborative outcomes are linked to our ongoing strategic priorities to maintain a focus on both the current health needs of our communities and our future population health and wellbeing.

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