The Future of CM Health's Manukau site

Counties Manukau Health is considering how to best maximise its current assets while planning to achieve and deliver the objectives and goals outlined in its five-year strategic plan, Healthy Together Strategic Plan 2015-2020.

An extensive review of all assets, including land and buildings, across the District has identified that part of the land presently occupied by the Manukau SuperClinic (MSC), may not be needed for future health services and could lend itself to other uses.

During July we asked the community for its views on the future of this site. Consultation has now closed and the Board has made a decision.

The Board’s Decision

Thank you to all of those who provided feedback in our consultation on the future of the land presently occupied by the Manukau SuperClinic. We appreciate everyone taking the time to share their views.


Thank you to all of those who provided feedback in our consultation on the future of the 48.6 hectare parcel of land presently occupied by the Manukau SuperClinic. We appreciate everyone taking the time to share their views. All of the feedback received from the community was carefully considered by the Board in its decision making process.

As mentioned in the public notices we ran in the Manukau Courier and New Zealand Herald in July, we recently went through an extensive long-term planning process that included reviewing future medium-to-long-term health requirements on all of our sites, including the Manukau SuperClinic site.

During the review of the SuperClinic site, we identified that there is a portion of land (potentially 10.85 hectares) that may not be needed for future health services and which could be made available for alternative uses, such as housing.

The Board’s Decision

The Counties Manukau Health executive and Board have concluded that while a large majority of the Manukau SuperClinic site is required for long-term future health purposes, a portion of the site is not, and the Board intends to seek the Minister of Health’s approval to dispose of that portion.

The area of land the Board has declared surplus comprises a 0.8 hectare area in the northeast corner and a 12.3 hectare area in the northwest corner – a total of 13.1 hectares in gross area (9.7 hectares of net buildable area) of the 48.6 hectare site.

In coming to this conclusion it was noted that:

  • There is sufficient remaining land on the Manukau SuperClinic site to meet current and future health requirements for 20+ years.
  • The SuperClinic site will continue to be developed as a non-acute site with a focus on ambulatory, elective, rehabilitation and community health and wellbeing services.
  • The site is not suitable for long-term use as a second acute hospital site because it is (a) too close to Middlemore Hospital and (b) population growth and health service demand patterns mean that any second acute hospital would be located further south in the district. The growth to the south of the district was noted in a number of submissions.

Open Space

As part of the consultation we asked the community whether they supported the idea for there being some open space for community use on the north western corner of the site. The majority of respondents supported this concept and we are seeking the Ministry of Health’s support to progress discussions with the Council organisation Panuku Development Auckland.

Next Steps

The Board cannot dispose of any land without Ministerial approval and is currently in the process of making its application to the Minister of Health. Assuming the Minister agrees the land is surplus to requirements and can be disposed of, it will enter the Crown Land programme run by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

Further Development of Health Services on the Manukau SuperClinic Site

From community feedback received, the top three services that the community would like to see on the SuperClinic site are: an accident and medical clinic; rehabilitation services; and radiology services. All of these services are included within our current plans for the site, and your submission will help us to further define the range of additional health services we offer.

Thank you to all those who took the time to provide feedback. 

PRESS RELEASE (12th September)

At its recent Board Meeting on the 7 September 2016, Counties Manukau Health has recommended to the Minister of Health, that 13.1 hectares of land in total on the DHB’s Browns Road site is surplus to its requirements. Attached is the formal Resolution passed by the Board.

This decision was taken following an 18 month review of the future shape of health services in the Counties Manukau region, and subsequent need for land and capital investment.  It is still planned that there will be significant involvement of the Browns Road site, but in no scenario would the identified surplus land be required.

This decision was also made following a public consultation process which ran from 6 July to 5pm on 5 August.

Below is a map detailing the land that has been recommended to the Minister of Health, that it be declared surplus.  It is marked in orange.

If this recommendation is approved, the financial value of the land would be available to the DHB to further invest in capital projects.

Dr Lee Mathias
Counties Manukau Health

Formal Resolution passed by the Counties Manukau District Health Board:

Future of Manukau Land: Decision Framework


Receive the report of the Future of the Manukau Land:  Decision Framework.

Note the outcome of the community consultation process, and Executive Leadership Team recommendation, relating to the Manukau land.

Approve that the identified portion of the Manukau Land, as highlighted in orange on the Future of Manukau Land: Decision Framework document, be confirmed as surplus land.

Moved:  Wendy Lai Seconded:  Dr Lyn Murphy Carried: David Collings & Reece Autagavaia Against


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