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Two of our sites at Counties Manukau Health (Middlemore Hospital and Manukau Health Park) have been CEMARS® certified since December 2012.  CEMARS® ( Certified Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme) tracks how we measure, manage and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

The scheme was developed by Landcare Research New Zealand and is the first GHG (Greenhouse Gas) certification scheme in the world to achieve international accreditation. Counties Manukau Health (CM Health) chose CEMARS® certification as it has the independent assurance we are working to minimise our impacts on climate change.

Annual measurement and verification are conducted to ensure the certification remains valid and accurately reflects the nature of the organisation over time.


CM Health is a proud member of the GLOBAL GREEN AND HEALTHY HOSPITALS NETWORK(external link).

Hospitals, health systems and health organizations representing the interests of thousands of hospitals from six continents have come together to form a global network dedicated to reducing its ecological footprint and promoting public environmental health. The Network is based on members’ commitment to implement the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Agenda, a comprehensive environmental health framework for hospitals and health systems which was launched in October 2011.

The ten goals of the agenda are:

  • Leadership: Prioritize Environmental Health
  • Chemicals: Substitute Harmful Chemicals with Safer Alternatives
  • Waste: Reduce, Treat and Safely Dispose of Healthcare Waste
  • Energy: Implement Energy Efficiency and Clean, Renewable Energy Generation
  • Water: Reduce Hospital Water Consumption and Supply Potable Water
  • Transportation: Improve Transportation Strategies for Patients and Staff
  • Food: Purchase and Serve Sustainably Grown, Healthy Food
  • Pharmaceuticals: Safely Manage and Dispose of Pharmaceuticals
  • Buildings: Support Green and Healthy Hospital Design and Construction
  • Purchasing: Buy Safer and More Sustainable Products and Materials
Why is carbon management a focus for CM Health?

Carbon can be used as a common measure across all aspects of the organisation’s activities, such as waste, resource use, and energy. It ties all the impacts together in one common indicator, so we can keep track of our impact and our reduction progress. Carbon management has been essential to the larger CM Health sustainability plan. It is the primary driver within the strategic sustainability diagram that has been developed for CM Health. The core objective is to reduce emissions enough to become carbon neutral by 2050.

CEMARS® provides a framework for measuring and providing a baseline to manage progress in a consistent and comparable method year-on year. CEMARS® certification provides guidance and expertise to ensure carbon is managed to best practice. This framework and guidance will help ensure we meet our reduction targets. The key to success is having the baseline information on hand and verified, as this provides the basis for effective planning, management, and communication of the environmental goals and the reasons for doing each project.

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