Facilities - Assessments and Stocktake Reports

Requested by: NZ Herald | Response provided: 2018-07-19
Category: Buildings

I write in response to your Official Information Act request, dated 21 June 2018. You requested the following information:

A list of all buildings/ facilities that have been identified as needing remediation or building works

•Please include: what the building/ facility is used for,

•The reason changes are needed i.e. leaky building, earthquake prone, more capacity needed),

•The level of urgency/ concern and/or a target or expected date for completion, anyapproximate costings.

A list of all new buildings/ facilities planned by the DHB, or identified as necessary

• lease include: what the building/ facility would be used for,

•Any expected or target date for completion,

•Approximate costings,

•And whether the project has been approved or budgeted for.

Since January 1 2016, copies of any reports, documents, correspondence relating to a facilities stocktake, include since September 2017 correspondence or advice to the Ministry or Minister about facilities that need work, or new facilities that are needed.


Our Response is attached