Women's Health - Naso-Gasric Feeding

Requested by: Individual (via FYI.org.nz) | Response provided: 2018-07-10
Category: Women's Health

I write in response to your Official Information Act Request, dated 18 June 2018. You requested the following information in two separate requests on the same day; therefore, this response addresses

both submitted questions, and has been provided by our clinical team in Women’s Health and Kidz First:

1. For medicina brands ENFit Enteral Syringe (non-reusable Syringe) for Nasogastric milk feeding:

• Cost of a 20ML ENFit Enteral Syringe (Medicina non reusable):

• Current stock levels:

• Usage Guidelines

2. Is there any usage limit per New Born or preterm baby for using Medicina brand's ENFit Enteral Syringe (non-reusable) for Nasogastric milk feedings in NICU, SCBU or Maternity wards?


Our response is attached